Blogial was started in 2008 as a social blog network, where anyone can read and write interesting blog posts about any topic they want. The site was conceived to be a community driven blog network which helps people to get published and also be motivated to write quality content.

There was a huge break in the contributions to the blog and it slowly began to die. There were a few tries to resurrect the blog, but it didn’t work.

This is a complete reboot of the site, where all the old content is scraped and I start a completely new blog. I would try to have the old posts archived as static HTML pages somewhere just for historical reasons.

This new blog will be having a completely new structure and be split into topics. No weird year/month/date in the URLs and the posts would also be not about covering news in realtime (most of the time). I am planning to write content that would be useful even after a few years. Readers would be able to subscribe to the entire site or any particular topic via RSS or email.

With just me as the solo contributor, I would be writing about topics that interest me – like entrepreneurship, web sites, software development, productivity, personal finance, etc.

If anyone else is interested in contributing to the blog do contact me at

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