When I installed the new wordpress site for Blogial, I used the default Twenty Twelve theme and it looks great for a starter theme. It is a no-frills theme and doesn’t have all the fancy drag and drop customizations available in other premium themes.

This is good enough for now (see the 85% solution) and I would probably go for a custom theme when I get more readers. But there was something which was missing in the posts – the author name. After a bit of searching, I learnt that the Twenty Twelve theme does something smartly when it comes to displaying author names.

When a blog has a single author, it doesn’t display the author info – which does make sense. But after so many years of having the author name displayed below the post, I wanted it badly and at last I found a solution.

Basically, there are three ways you can get it:

  1. This is the most obvious one. Have another author register in your blog and make him write at least 1 post.
  2. Copy over the content.php file from twentytwelve folder into the child theme folder (twentytwelve-child in my case) and delete the && is_multi_author() in line 47.
  3. In your child theme’s function.php, add this line add_filter( 'is_multi_author', '__return_true' );

Just choose one of the above three options and you would have your author profile along with your profile image inserted at the end of the post. Remember, to change your profile picture head over to the Gravatar site and upload a new image for your email address.

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