Do you start a blog and write few posts in the beginning and then let it go into Limbo? Many of us do and I too have done this to numerous blogs.

With the new reboot of Blogial, I need a system which keeps me blogging regularly. For that I have a few rules which I plan to stick to as much as possible. You can also try these rules/suggestions for your improving your blogging.

Publish only one post everyday

I intend to publish only 1 post everyday – not more than one. Some may think why only one? Why not publish as many I could write? That was what I used to do whenever I started a new blog – try to publish as many times as I could. But I find it is not sustainable and it leaves many gaps (and sometimes abandoned blogs).

Also as I am not going to write about breaking news, I want to spread out the posts so that I don’t end up publishing 10 posts in a single day and then take a break for a month. I want to build up a small but great community of readers who want to read what I am going to write about today. Also this will free up my time for other projects I have.

Calendar_IconFor this, I am going to follow a something similar to Jerry Sienfeld’s “Don’t break the chain” technique. I have a daily calendar (the physical calendar, where one tears off yesterday’s page every morning) in front of my desk. I will tear each day off after that day’s post is published. I will also try to write as many posts whenever I have the creative juices flowing and set it to publish in the future so that I can enjoy my vacations without having to worry about the blog. Even this post was written before and set to publish in the future.

Write at least 5 blog post titles everyday

The hardest part of writing blog posts is to come up with an interesting subject to write about. If the title is done, almost half of the post is done. And if I think of at least 5 titles every day, I can think up of enough blog posts to fill a year in just 73 days. Of course it won’t be that simple to come up with 5 titles every day, but making an effort to record all ideas is what matters.

I have a notebook in Evernote with notes for each topic and writing down a list of all titles I think up. I even have written down about 12 titles already. Maybe it would help storing all the titles along with some outline of the content as drafts in WordPress itself. I need to try out both methods and see which is better and will stick with one.

Have a Regular Schedule

I want to try writing at the same time everyday. I still haven’t fixed a time of the day, but right now it is in the night after 11:30. I am a night owl and I can spend more time writing and fixing the post after everyone’s asleep. Of course, thinking about ideas would be done the entire day and writing the titles would would take maybe a minute or two.

Avoid looking at analytics and tinkering of themes/plugins

I don’t want to waste time looking at analytics and trying to perfect the themes or plugins. At least in the beginning, as long as the blog works and can push content I write, I am OK with it. Having a blog with great content that looks mediocre wins hands down over having an mediocre blog that wins design awards. This is called the 85% solution which needs a total change of mindset that helps improves your efficiency and I will explain it in tomorrow’s post.

This is the action plan I have right now for publishing regularly to Blogial. Do you have any other technique that works best for you?