In the last post I talked about the history of Blogial and the mistakes we did. Now in this post I will talk about the future.

I don’t want to give up this site and domain as I love to write. I just need to realise that blogging and creating a community or blog network would need lot of time and effort to be invested.

So I am going to start out fresh with a completely new blog with 0 posts (if you count the last post: 1 post). This will be based on WordPress just like the millions of other blogs around the world. Writing good content today is better and more important than trying to build the perfect blogging application for tomorrow. Even if it meant not having an easier way to allow contributors on the site.

This blog will be about things that I am interested in – Entrepreneurship & Startups, Technology, Web, software programming, productivity, personal finance, etc.

There won’t be any posts about any acquisition that some big company made yesterday or the latest gadget that is going to be released next month. I don’t want this to become a news site, as there are plenty of alternatives already.

Instead there would be posts about how to write great software, building startups, marketing your products online. In general, I will write about how to becoming more successful, whatever be the definition of success you have.

The blog would be split into few topics like startups, productivity, money, etc. Not everyone might be interested in all the topics, so they can choose to subscribe to only topics that they want to. Creating new topics are simpler than creating a new blog in the old method and also less maintenance overhead.

So this is the start of a new blog with completely new content. I suggest you to subscribe to the RSS feeds for regular updates happening on the blog.

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