real-world-pomodoro-timerThere are times when you would want to sit down and work on a task, but lack the determination & concentration to sit through it and finish it completely. Add colleagues or family members who constantly disturb you for petty things and you have got the perfect recipe for a huge list of tasks that are half-complete and you don’t even know where your entire day had gone.

After trying lot of techniques for handling my time and task lists better, I finally found the Pomodoro Technique which is quite easy to stick to and also leads to much higher productivity. Pomodoro technique divides your entire work hours into 25 minutes intervals with 5 minutes break in between. There are also times when you can take a longer break. But the 25 minutes (called a pomodoro) is purely spent only for work with no distractions (there are ways to handle interruptions too)

Starting on the Pomodoro Technique is quite easy. All you need is a piece of paper, a simple countdown timer and some tasks which you must get done. You can read the official book which does a good job of explaining in detail how to start using the technique. But here is a very quick version that you can read now. Once you see how effective it is, it is hard to not use it when you want to be productive.

Step 1: List out all the tasks you want to be completed today. Order them by the highest priority first.

Step 2: Pick the first task, start your countdown timer for 25 minutes and work on the task at hand.

Step 3: When 25 minutes has passed and you hear your alarm, stop working, mark an “X” against the task and take a break for 5 minutes. If you are programmer, get out of the desk and go drink water and look out the window.

Step 4: If the task you picked is completed, strike out the task and pick the next task. Else continue working on the same task. Now start your next pomodoro (25 minute counter) and repeat until all tasks you listed are completed. At the end of the day, the task sheet you have will show you how productive you were and how many tasks you got completed by the day.

Note: After every 4 pomodoros, take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. You could do anything during this break like checking email/facebook, having lunch, drinking coffee, etc. So you get a big break every 2 hours.

This is the very short version of the technique and is enough to get you started. But do read the book (you can complete it in 1 or 2 pomodoros) and it explains in details on how to handle interruptions (both internal and external). It also explains how to do time estimation and lot of other tips that may be useful for advanced users.

There are various apps for smartphones, for the pomodoro timers. Even though I have a physical timer (the pomodoro shaped one) I got from Chile, I use the Mac app Pomodoro Desktop which also has a free open source version for download. The good thing about it is the ticking sound which when you hear on a earphone, will drive you to push yourself harder to complete as much of the task possible before the current pomodoro completes and I love this for just that.

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