Do you waste hours everyday on your computer, checking your facebook or twitter account or email inbox?

Just follow this simple rule below and reduce your distractions instantly.

Block your distracting sites on your computer and use only your mobile phone or tablet to check your Social Networking updates or Email.

Simple, right? Not too difficult.

The beauty of this method is that you don’t block Facebook/Twitter completely out of your life as that would be very hard for most of us today. But you make it a tad bit difficult and annoying by forcing yourself to look away from your desktop and using the smaller device. This works even better if you keep your mobile out of reach far away from your desk.

Reason this works: the context switch from your productive task to the unproductive task is so apparent to you because of the different devices you use, you can easily snap out of the distracting task within minutes and get back to your work. Making the conscious effort to waste time, makes you realise that you waste time.

So try this out for at least a week and see how much your productivity has improved. Tomorrow I will tell you how to track your productivity on your computer with a software which runs silently in the background.

Tip: To block particular websites, try theĀ StayFocusd extension for Chrome. Similar plugins for other browsers shouldn’t be hard to find.

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