Are you a super procrastinator like me? Do you always wait till the last minute to finish off something? Use this 2 minute rule to finish off the small tasks and have a clear head for your important tasks which take longer time to finish.

If something can be done in 2 minutes, do it NOW. 

Simple. Thats it. These include things like throwing the garbage out, calling your bank to enquire about a transaction you don’t remember, booking your travel tickets, etc. Some of the tasks might require some thinking (like the travel dates) and it wouldn’t be complete in 2 minutes exactly (like the phone call). But you do get the idea right?

If it is so simple and can be done in a very short duration, do it immediately and strike it off your task list (you do have a task list right?). Your mind has limited bandwidth and once these silly tasks are completed, you would be off to solving real problems that matter.