recycle-binMost of us have lot of crap filled in our homes – as dresses that don’t fit, books that we don’t read or finished reading, electronic gadgets, chargers & earphones that don’t work anymore, etc. The above list is just a sample of things I could see around in my room.

Last month my wife and I decided that we would clean up our room every month – throwing out things that we don’t use. Last month we cleaned up the entire room – lot of paper, small things that hide in corners or behind tables, etc.

Today, I sat down and pulled out all my jeans in the closet and tried them one by one. I found that most of the old ones don’t fit me anymore (I prefer to say they shrunk, but my wife says I have become fat) and they won’t fit me anytime soon. There were two that fit now and would be comfortable if I lose a few kilos. So I saved those two and threw the rest in a bag.

My wife took out her entire closet of clothes and found lot of old clothes that either don’t fit or are too old to be worn at all. She has packed a bigger and heavier bag than mine. These bags will be collected from our house by people from charities who give these clothes to people need good clothes to wear.

Result: We now have cleared quite a bit of space in the closet. Hope wife doesn’t go out and buy more clothes to fill the empty space.

Next month I will throw out the old desktop that doesn’t work and maybe also a few other gadgets that we don’t use (like my wife’s extra hair iron & curling iron).

Why don’t you try throwing out things you haven’t used in years – once a month and minimize the clutter in your life? Look at your closet, drawers and shelves and put those things in a bag and give it away, today.